Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Eugene Bound......

Hey everybody, Well it has been an early morning for me, I started my journey to Eugene at 5am....whew and boy did I not want to wake up this morning. Honestly the sleep was too great and I was mad when the alarm went off..... I jumped up in fear that I had overslept. Indeed that was not the case, so Chris and I quickly got ready, packed the car and headed to the CVG airport. Man at that time of morning, nobody was on the road....the drive in went smooth and fast, no traffic, no red lights and that is always good. So the rest of the trip was actually easy, no delays and our seats were good....if at all possible when traveling you should get the exit row seats....so much more room, I love it off course behind first class seats. So it was the two of us (Bonnie and Clyde).....but we will be meeting up with my training partner and Chris's other 400 meter athlete Antione Drakeford and his wife later on tonight. The UC Elite will be trying to represent at the upcoming 2011 USA Outdoor Nationals, so please stay tuned to www.usatf.org and check out the tv schedule and wish us all the best. Without you all the fans we would have no one to write these blogs for, or send autograph pictures to, or even talk with on twitter. So keep up the good work and we will do the same. Thanks again and my motto for this week is Let's Get It!!! Check out my video and pass along www.marywineberg.com

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pictures from Europe......

Koln, Germany .....

Hey everybody, Just wanted to share with you all how I did at my last meet in Switzerland, I ended up winning the 400 meters in a SB time. So I am on the right track, my times are coming down so let's pray and hope that things will fall into place for Nationals. The day after the meet I immediately left Geneva and flew to Germany where my base is located in Koln. When I say base you are probably wondering.....what is she talking about...well it is a place that I stay at in between meets. I love it ....I am able to stay at the German Sports School, train and everyone there is friendly. I have attached a video with one of my agents who resides in Koln, his name is Steffen and he loves working with Peter Stubbs Management. On my first night in Koln I was able to go dinner with Steffen and his lovely girlfriend at a local Italian place downtown. We had a great time talking and ended the night with getting ice cream but they call it Gelato. The next day I practice early in the day and then headed to the downtown area, pictures to come soon. It is amazing how the shops are laid out and people have apartments on top. In Germany something's are expensive and I would probably go broke shopping there ha ha. So if you ever want to take a trip defiantly check out Geneva, Switzerland or even Koln, Germany. So long until I blog again, now I am in Dassau, Germany Chow

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Role Model Initiative....Spread the word

Hello everyone,
Greetings from Koln,Germany where I am writing this blog for tonight. I hope that you all are doing well, and were able to have some quality family time today. One thing that I love about Germany is that on Sunday...it is all about family time. As I arrived from the airport I was able to watch from the car families walking hand in hand, mothers playing in the near by fields with their children or families just sitting and enjoying the fresh air. Wow if only we did more of that in the states.....it was an amazing site to see.
I am happy to share with you all a new group in which I am apart of called the RMI- which stands for the Role Model Initiative, headed up by a friend of mine who wanted to capture what being a role model stands for and how it can help others in positive ways.

Please check out this site www.rolemodelinitiative.com

How many of you have had a special someone that you may have looked up to, or used as inspiration as you try to attain a goal? We all can probably answer yes and give the reasons of why this person played a role. At some point in my life I have had role models and now as an athlete I see myself as a role model for others. I can remember an athlete stating that they don't feel obligated to be seen as a role model, but in my eyes you should. In the world of athletics, people of all ages are admiring you, wanting to be like you and look up to you. As I represent my country in various international and domestic track meetings I always remember to be and do like how I would want to be seen. I enjoy the challenge and the positive outlook of being a role model.

It gives me the opportunity to allow others to see my work, passion, drive and determination. It allows others to also feel a sense of connection and a push that they to can succeed at whatever the dream may be. So I challenge you all....check out the site, please pass on to all who you know. Let's come together and help advance the Role Model Initiative.


Vielen Dank
Thank you very much

Friday, May 27, 2011

Geneva, Switzerland

Hello everyone,
Greetings from Geneva, Switzerland and yes it is such a beautiful place. I had the pleasure of flying from Thursday and arriving this morning in Geneva and just making my plane. When I left Cincinnati it was storming and my flight was slightly delayed. In order to make my connection I had to run for my life ha ha, no really I ran like 3 miles throughout the Washington airport. So maybe this is TMI but when I made the gate, I was dripping with sweat and so thankful I made it. Yes I was the last passenger to board but all the flight attendants felt sorry for me and gave me cups of water and paper towels. Man I was hoping for a upgrade to business or first class....didn't happen but I did cool down and enjoy my seat in economy plus with and extra empty seat in the middle.
So the flight wasn't to bad, I think 8 hours and I didn't get much sleep. Once I arrived I was met by the track meet organizers and to the hotel we went. I was able to eat breakfast and head to a nice cozy bed....yes I needed some zzzz's before pre meet warmup. Aaahhh once up from my nap I was adventurous and rode the bus system to the track. Ok I was nervous at first because I thought I might get lost but I made it!! So I can brag and state that I used the bus system like a Genevian....so while at the track I meet a guy who works with the youth who run track. It was great to see so many kids out there running and really enjoying it. So check out the video.......

Sunday, May 15, 2011

"Volunteering and Spreading Good News"

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to update you all on what I do with my spare time when I am not training. I am a big advocate for children and I love to give my time with the help of Athletes For Hope at my local Children's Hospital located here in Cincinnati. It is always such a great feeling to know that you are able to brighten someone's day, get them to smile, or even experience meeting a gold medalist while they are enduring their stay at the hospital. I love to see the children's eyes light up when they realize how down to earth, humble and caring I am.

I always enjoy my visits to Children's, but this last visit allowed me to meet several kids who I enjoyed talking with, laughing with and letting them know that any dream is possible. I also got to see two individuals who I met several months ago when I first started at Children's and you know sometimes it is hard to remember everyone you meet but I did remember them. So a special shout out to Buzz and also my guitar hero dancing buddy, I wish you both the best and may things work out! So to you all out there find something you cherish and give back your time, may it be working with children, the homeless, elderly or even serving as a mentor, know that it is an awesome experience.

So again stay tuned to hear more of my volunteer opportunities and just in case you all didn't hear this past weekend it was a pleasure to be inducted into my second hall of fame, the Hamilton County Sports Hall Of Fame in Cincinnati. I am always grateful for such an honor and am pleased to see that others think so too. So thanks to all my supporters out there! These accolades continue to help in pushing me to my ultimate goal of London 2012. Thanks so let's hope for some more upcoming meets. I have attached a picture of the plaque I received and a day at Children's.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Update of my race in Kawasaki

Hey hey,
So the race is over and it is 10:48pm and I am up tweeting and decided to update my blog. I felt prepared and ready to go for today's race but I guess my day at the office did not go as planned. I finished the race second but made a big mistake that cost me some time in the 400 meters. I was not at all satisfied with my time or place but realized what I did wrong. After reporting to Wineberg what happened, he asked well why do you think you ran like that? I really could just tell him that my intention was to go out and execute the race and go for the win, I let the field get away from me leading into the second hundred and by then I was playing catch up and didn't make the move I was suppose to make.
So I came out with a second place finish, and my fellow American Sherese Woods came out with the win. Congrats to her and all the best. I am still focused on improving my time and sometimes you have to let the bad days go and keep looking for the sunny happy days. I still have over a month before our USA Nationals and I look forward to making the World Championship team. I tried to attach a picture before and it wouldn't work so here is a quick glimpse of what I could watch on tv while here in Japan. So thanks again to the meet director, my agent and competitors for,coming out and making this meet special for the people of Japan.